More Than A Few Bad Apples

Recently, a cop and his story were featured on the popular blog, Humans of New York. The man talked about the hatred he’s seen towards the police and how he believed it was unfair. He claimed that he “didn’t find any more racism in the police department than [he’s] found in boardrooms and retail stores.”

For the purpose of clarity, it is important to define that there are roughly two types of racism. First, there is plain, old racism–the one where discrimination and prejudice is blatant and outwardly. The second is institutionalized racism; the one that is subtle and systematic. It is not easily definable and many fail to notice it.

Racism within the police force is arguably unique–to a certain extent. An act of racism here is, more often than not, protected by a corrupt justice system. A system drenched in institutionalized racism, one that has allowed for numerous fatal racist acts to pass uncriminalized, without punishment or consequences. Unchecked racism in a system of governmental authority only makes the path easier for these acts to repeat themselves again and again.

Racism within the police force follows a corrupt and dangerous pattern that leaves murders unjustified and entire communities in fear of an industry that’s meant to protect them. To dismiss racism within this industry as a few bad apples is to dismiss the severity of its impact on an entire race. A race that has experienced, throughout the history of America, the corrupt and brutal extremes of this justice system in their every generation.



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